Thursday, January 24, 2008

Call Centre India – Emerging as a Hotspot

India is home to a billion people and the majority of its population comes under the age group of 18-27 years. This is a calling for all the large organizations in the US as well as the ones in UK. Call centre India is one resort that satisfies all the client requirements such as cost effectiveness, high quality services, on demand delivery, etc. All thanks to the IT infrastructure that Indian companies have to offer, almost 200 Fortune 500 companies have outsourced their software needs to the Indian outsourcing industry. Right now, call centre India is a preferred market for US and UK based companies for outsourcing their operations, the IT operations to be more precise.

Large companies like GE and British Airways have already established themselves in India by setting up their services in the call centres located in cities like Pune, Banglore, Hyderabad, etc. Manpower and a majority of the population being an English speaking one, call centre India is on a roll and definitely a hotspot for outsourcing companies world over.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Benefits of Combining Business-Process Outsourcing and Service-Oriented Architecture

All large organizations are looking for BPO companies so that they can they can use skills of these outsourcing companies to minimize costs and avoid unnecessary exploitation of labour. BPO service providers like Telegenisys assure these large organizations that the services that they provide will be the best and the fact that ensures this guarantee is that the business process outsourcing companies use the best processing tools and technology which minimizes the chances of any failure considerably. However, there are situations that may give rise to complications and this is exactly where the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) comes to play.

Now what exactly does SOA mean? SOA is nothing but a structure that enables two or more services to be coupled together in order to satisfy the customer’s business needs. Service Oriented Architecture would help the BPO Indian industries go a long way all thanks to the communication and the technological standards that are demanded in this day and age. This means that the integration of business process outsourcing with Service Oriented Architecture is destined to be a good and an intelligent business strategy for any BPO service provider.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Business Performance Management: Merging Business Optimisation with IT Optimisation

It has been more than a decade that business organizations have been trying to adopt everything that the IT sector has to offer in order to boost their productivity, thereby satisfying their objective of generating more revenue. It becomes more than obvious that what information technology has to offer certainly helps in delivering the best of all the products and services and at the same time keeping the cost factor in mind. IT basically helps business process outsourcing industries in improving their services thereby helping them to fulfil their ultimate objective of customer satisfaction.

Optimizing IT with the BPO industry acts as a connecting link between business performance management and the current BPO trends. One interesting aspect to note here is that business performance management and IT optimisation also acts as a domain specific tool for all the business process outsourcing industries the world over. That’s because this tool is specifically designed for companies that make use of IT services which is exactly what helps BPO India to function without any hassles. Indian BPO companies like Telegenisys help in linking the services that IT has to offer in their daily activities thereby making sure that their clients get exactly what they were looking for with respect to outsourcing and overall customer satisfaction.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Why “IT” Does Matter in BPO: Information Technology’s Key Role in the Success of Business Process Outsourcing

Really, does IT matter all that much? Oh sure, large organizations are known to spend a lot of money investing in the best that technology has to offer, but should small BPOs take the risk of such a large investment? Now this is a debate, which can have endless conclusions. However, it is important that organizations, may it be big or small, recognize their strengths so that they know what exactly they should invest in. BPO India makes a constant effort to make optimum utilization of IT when it comes to checking the transactions that need processing, constant analysis, total quality control, etc.

Technology always acts as a defining aspect when it comes to helping the BPO industry in aspects such as commercial management, communication management, issue management, compliance management, etc. However, one thing that you have to remember is that technology is one thing that can never be substituted for skill and effective labor. For any business process outsourcing company, it is important that they recognize their IT requirements and their capacity to perform in order to ensure the success of the company. Telegenisys is one business process outsourcing company that makes effective use of its technology thereby assuring overall client satisfaction and client satisfaction is all this business is about, isn’t it?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

BPO 2008 – Key Trends for The Outsourcing Industry

It is definitely not a well kept secret that the US dollar rate is weakening although slowly, but gradually. This was more than evident during 2007 especially when the Indian currency appreciated to almost 11% during that year. This clearly sent a message to the media that the US markets were going to be hit real hard. Although experts predict the same trends for the year 2008, investors still stand strong and filled with optimism. All thanks to the predictions made by the financial analysts, companies have already started implementing fool proof plans in order to counter any obstacles posed by the market forces. BPOs have already taken their stand in this matter by having a clear vision of the upcoming trends.

One of the most important trends that we believe is likely to stir things up would be that small outsourcing companies will be considerably affected since it would be literally impossible for them when it comes to increasing their commodity prices. The most important setback would be that they would be losing out on talent to much bigger competitors. On the contrary, as seen in 2007, in 2008 too, small cities will in fact, benefit due to these margin pressures brought about by the market. Cities like Pune are already favorites with respect to the outsourcing industries, which in due course is seen to surpass the demand even in a city like Bangalore. Some business process outsourcing companies like Telegenisys have all geared up to expand its activities thereby using different tactics and research in order to give a boost to their business.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How Technology Impacts the Cost of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Alright, lets get something straight. If you want to understand how technology is going to impact your business, it is important that you understand the cost incurred by the BPO company that you have contracted for providing you with their services. This would include costs such as the cost incurred for the software licensing, i.e., 3% of the complete BPO services. Costs incurred for the various hardware and connectivity equipments forms about 15% of service fees. Then of course there is the cost to be incurred with respect to the manpower and related equipments that are for employee benefits, etc.

BPO India companies like Telegenisys are known to make processes a bit easier for their clients by cutting costs due to its knowledge about the technological podium. One thing that this company understands pretty well is that the cost should be shared by both, i.e., the BPO service provider as well as the BPO customer. It is a known fact that technology can surely reduce as well as control costs for any business process outsourcing company, so then why not make use of it?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Business Process Outsourcing: Current Trends and Best Services

Lets admit it, the BPO industry is constantly changing and the best part is that it is all for the good, and of course, for the benefit of the client companies. Clients are always thriving to meet their customer requirements within a given time frame and if they fail to do that, the company obviously incurs losses, unless something is done to correct this anomaly. Business process outsourcing companies are constantly striving to focus their activities on being customer centric and of course minimizing unwanted expenditure. Clients are known to approach business process outsourcing companies like Telegenisys because they find these companies pretty gripping when it comes to satisfying their business expectations. By contracting these BPO companies for their services, companies often notice a decrease in the cost incurred for investment in technology, which would help in the concentration of its capital to other productive activities. BPO service providing companies are trained 24/7 so that client companies are provided with the best of all services.

Owing to these advantages provided by the BPO industry, many companies are approaching these outsourcing companies, which thereby help in improving their services. Therefore, outsourcing to India, especially to a company like Telegenisys would help the client company provide a range of services thereby representing it in a growing marketplace, i.e., the BPO industry.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Few Important Ways to Protect Sensitive Data While Outsourcing

Well, may it be any outsourcing company, protecting the data that your company is dealing with should be your first and foremost priority. You can be sure that your employees are an asset to your company, but how sure can you really be? Lets face it, it doesn’t take much time for any vital company information to leak out, which could easily turn the tables with respect to an open business competition. When it comes to outsourcing to India, Indian companies should do all that they can to maintain the privacy of their clients. In order to achieve this, it is important that companies comply with the outsourcing rules and guidelines. Protection is the key aspect here and companies shouldn't allow their employees to carry portable drives and PDAs since this measure assures that company is really serious about maintaining the privacy of its clients as well as itself. Many British and American companies are involved in offshore outsourcing especially contracting some of their activities to Indian companies. Protecting these companies’ interest is important for maintaining your reputation in the market. Another way of ensuring data protection is by making the agents aware about the importance of the data. This way, the company can remain assured about any possible data leaks. Assigning each agent with unique login and passwords is another way to go on about it.

BPO India consists of many offshore companies such as ATM companies, Insurance companies from the UK, Fortune 500 financial companies, etc. Pune, which used to be a pensioner’s paradise, is no longer a stranger to outsourcing. Many US based companies have opened up their offices all over this city including Telegenisys Inc., one of the leaders in outsourcing. Telegenisys has taken appropriate steps to ensure data security, and comply with all the regulations in order to protect the sensitive data of their clients.