Thursday, September 18, 2003

Philippines calls India for back-up call centers facility

Ed Orpina sales director of Philippines based R Systems – IT business solution service providing company – maintains that the Philippines is optimum place for Indian call center service providers to install their extended facilities. He maintains that Indian & Philippine population is proficient in English and that would attract major corporate firms to outsource their call center operations to some offshore location.

Call center services in India are raking the interest in the west world like never before. Orpina also explains that vending services to the Philippines by Indian partners is a good prospect as US companies are finding offshore outsourcing as an effective way to reduce the cost of doing business – mainly due to globalization.

Monday, September 15, 2003

India is the likely next Gen business tycoon

Back home in US – five states have proposed a bill in the parliament to seize the phenomena of outsourcing the business services – but to no avail. The strong BPO market in Asia especially the Call Center Services in India are keeping the issues at bay and the US corporate sector is smiling within. How does one expect to shrug of the opportunity to reduce the operational costs – as much as up to 80%? Well that’s the structure of call center services in India.

Though it may seem that a lot of companies seeks India for call center services just because everyone else seems to be going there - is not exactly true. Yes the reduced price for call center services in India is indeed a lucrative deal but at the same moment the services offered by India are worth accessing. India is the next generation corporate hub – and there should be no denying over that fact. In between the mixed responses and turmoil within US – the one which is gaining the most is the call center services sector in India.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Call Center boom in India

Call-center services sector in India have grown manifolds and India has been transformed as the back-office hub of the world. While the services like contact center is at a steady growth round the globe – in India the growth has been tremendous. Call Center Service providers in India are going through a phase of expansion and consolidation with many software players in India seeing a market for a call center operation. Software companies till date considered the call center market too low valued to be a part of. But with the outsourcing and call center boom in India heating up, many software companies in India like Infosys, Wipro have become a part of the call center scene. It might be not too long before more and more companies start call center service operations in India.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

India commands 90% of IT offshore outsourcing

The call-center services sector in India is the part of the booming outsourcing industry flourishing in India. A report by research firm Gartner suggests that India grabs more than 65% of the global outsourcing market. In another report on current industry estimates, India commands more than 90% of all offshore outsourcing in IT services. Of all, call-center services market attracts most of offshore firms.

The call-center services in India are amongst the most economical as well as reliant for US corporate market. India is the call-centers hub for some of the major companies from US and Europe.

Friday, September 05, 2003

The strength of call center services sector in India

Needless to mention India offers eminent call center services to the global corporate world. On a global scale call center services in India are the most economical – which I understands to be the real cause for the massive shift in the customer contact base. Quality can be derived from anywhere but with brawny Information Technology infrastructure and cheap manpower cost – the call centers in India are able to keep their head high from the rest of competitors.

The list of clientele accessing call center services from India includes some of the biggest industry players of their sector. HSBC Bank, Microsoft, America On-line (AOL), Standard Chartered, American Express, Prudential Insurance and General Electrics (GE) are just few of the elite client base existing in India. The call center services sector in India has shown its prowess and strength as a dominant force sweeping away the offshore call center works.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Call centers to tremble in 5 years

At a time when the call center services in India – driven by the burgeoning US market – is posting a phenomenal growth – market analysts Datamonitor says that Indian outsourcing market will face a trembling in coming few years. The call center service sector in India will be driven largely by consulting companies exiting the call center outsourcing market, and spinning off their call center operations or turning over management of their customer care offering to other third-party outsourcers.

The call center services in India are largely guided by financial sector – which generates almost 53% of business. IT provides second most opportunities with 27% share. Datamonitor expects the growth in both outsourcing call centers and agent positions to begin to slow in 2005 as a result of an inevitable industry vendor shakeout that will be the consequence of current oversupply and shrinking margins ensuing from downward competitive pressures on pricing.