Monday, December 17, 2007

The Emerging Kpo Market In India

Several Indian companies with a major share in the business process outsourcing market have now turned to the KPO market as a means for expansion. Challenges and expectations notwithstanding, the KPO industry is said to have a bright future. Industry estimates forecast India garnering $12 billion out of $17 billion globally by 2010. Over 300,000 jobs would be created out of which the largest source of knowledge, a whopping 70% will be from India. Quality standards and the expectations of clients are very high in the KPO industry and therefore investments in higher education and training are the need of the hour.

Pune ranks third amongst the top global outsourcing/bpo hubs. Technology companies like Telegenisys, who has already established itself in the business process outsourcing industry, is now carving a niche for itself in the KPO industry as well.