Wednesday, April 28, 2004

‘Call Centre & Health Problems’- Dark side of the shiny coin

It’s 11 in the night and their day has begun! No, they are not heading for a party. They are heading for their respective call centers, the latest working hub of our Indian youth. Lucrative money, plush offices, working for companies in the U.S. and U.K., are the things, which make these call centers a major hit with the young generation across the country. However, long hours of work, permanent night shifts, high work targets to achieve and irregular mealtimes are posing a lot of health problems for these youth.

Burn Out Syndrome or BOSS syndrome is seen very commonly among young people working in cal centers. The symptoms of this syndrome include chronic fatigue, insomnia and complete alteration of 24-hour biological rhythm of the body. Gastro-intestinal problems are inevitable for those working at nights, as the body is under chronic stress.

Although most of these cases do not require medication, guidance about physical and mental coordination to meet the demands of a call center job is necessary. While good money, weekend parties, bubblegum culture and ultramodern d├ęcor of the call centers does lend a glamorous image, it is certainly not easy to adjust to their work culture, is what is the version of those in the industry.